At DTCB Productions we believe that our extensive hospitality and fine arts experience make us the right choice when it comes to planning your wedding. We also believe that our fun personalities and passion for detail help us stand out in what can seem like a sea of event planning options. So in order for our clients to get to know us better, for our ve first blog we are going to take this opportunity to talk with the DTCB Productions founder, Chelsea Brown, about her experience as an event photographer and what it takes to get that timeless shot of your special day!

Amanda-Gaye Smith: Hi Chelsea! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions our clients might have about us. To start, please introduce yourself. Where are you from, and what initially drew you to photography?

Chelsea Brown: I started shooting photographs while pursuing my college degree in video production at the University of Florida. Once I graduated, I started my own company doing photography and videography. I got hired for my first wedding (actually to do video) back in 2013 and just fell in love with the whole process of wedding event production. I love meeting new people, having a good time, and capturing important memories! Once finished my first wedding I knew this industry would be a perfect fit for my future career.

AGS: What initially inspired you to channel your love of photography into a career of Wedding and Event photography?

CB: Weddings are prepared to be aesthetically pleasing for a reason. Between all the gorgeous flowers, the stunning locations available, and everyone wearing their best clothing, weddings are a perfect artistic outlet for any photographer! I just love arriving at each wedding knowing I get to capture all the new photos I never have before.

AGS: Where are your favorite locations to shoot?

CB: My favorite places to shoot are the ones that show off Florida’s beauty. I love anywhere with lush green landscapes, big moss draped oak trees, and of course the ocean. I’m always in awe of the amazing backgrounds this state creates for my camera!

AGS: One thing I’ve always loved about your work is your ability to create an obvious ease and intimacy between your clients. How do you go about engaging with your clients so that they can relax and have a great time on their special day?

CB: It’s all about letting them be themselves! I pick up on characters and comfort levels pretty fast. My style is way more candid so I tend to just let the couple enjoy their day and each other while I snap away and capture the moments.

AGS: What are some of your favorite poses for your clients? Do you have a formula for how your shoot progresses or do you take a more spontaneous approach?

CB: There are always the traditional photos which I always try to capture such as the cake cutting photos or first dance. I just like to let the love my couple have for each other shine! I carefully consider how comfortable each couple appears in front of the camera and adjust accordingly to how much posing I will need to direct. I have lots of prompts I can employ if the couple seems awkward or nervous! One of my favorite prompts is to have one person in the relationship whisper into the other what they ate for breakfast that morning in the sexiest voice they can, this always makes for great genuine laughs every time!

AGS: Ok, so for anyone who might be curious, what sort of equipment do you prefer to use?

CB: I am a canon girl all the way. Everyone has their own preferences but I have always enjoyed my Canon cameras! Currently I have 4 cameras I rotate. My Canon Rebel T3i (mostly for when my photobooth is running), Canon 60D, Canon Mirrorless M1000, and my all-time favorite is my Canon 6D Mark II. I only use natural light, and never flash. Since I shoot RAW it is easy for me to brighten things up post production without having to blind guests or the couple. I have a few lenses I use for different types of weddings but my 1:8 is definitely my favorite.

AGS: Briefly describe your editing process, what sort of details do you look for when choosing the perfect photos for our clients?

CB: It has taken me 6 years, but my editing process is finally pretty streamlined! I edit every photo I think is worth keeping. As long as it isn’t out of focus, bad quality, or repetitive, I edit it and send it to my clients. My packages can include up to 500 photos! I have created all my own presets so my style is pretty unique. I am closer to the dark and moody style than light and airy but I still love to give my photos some vibrant light here and there.

AGS: You pride yourself on great client communication. What do you do to stand out in the Wedding and Event planning business?

CB: Client relationships are like any other relationship. Communication is KEY! I am always available. As soon as clients send me an inquiry, I respond within 24 hours, and often way sooner. I make myself available any time, for any questions, through any part of your wedding planning process. Have a question on a Saturday afternoon? Cool give me a call! Not sure if your flowers will match the rest of your decorations? I am available for the questions that might not even be photography related! Give me a call!

AGS: What inspired you to expand your photography business into a full-blown production company specializing in micro-weddings?

CB: The inspiration came from two things. One, of course, is the crazy pandemic we are all struggling through. I saw the first round of cancelled and postponed weddings happen in spring season, and I knew this trend would be creeping into fall. I wanted my clients to have an alternative to just cancelling or postponing their wedding. I felt like I wanted to provide a cool and easy option for couples who still want to get hitched this year! Secondly, I ventured into elopement photography last year and I just fell in love with the intimacy of small weddings. I still love a big old party, but there is just something so special to me about a small celebration of love. Once Covid-19 hit I realized it isn’t that easy for couples to find these options so I started to plan my own!

We are also living in an age where people are putting off weddings till later in life. Once you get older I think the idea of a big party is less important. On top of this, we are also living in times where minimalism and eco-friendly options in life are becoming more prevalent. These types of micro-weddings fit perfectly into this trend and are things I believe in myself!

AGS: What is your favorite part about working a wedding? Care to share a story about the best wedding you’ve ever attended- either as a guest or as a photographer?

CB: I think my favorite part about working weddings is the happiness you can feel in the room. Everyone is having a good time. Whether it's the actual couple just in complete bliss, or the family and friends who have gathered to share their love and to enjoy each other's company, I adore the positive vibes weddings produce. The best weddings I attend are the small intimate ones. The weddings in a backyard, or a small piece of property. I feel the simplicity allows the couple to enjoy their day in such a stress free way.

AGS: Ok, enough with the serious questions, in your spare time what do you like to do for fun? Tell us a little about your epic furbaby sons!

CB: In my free time I like to spend the majority of my time outside. Whether in a spring, on a hike, traveling, or at the beach I enjoy submerging myself into nature! Of course my other favorite thing to do is hang with my pups! Corby our little terrier and Bolt our Great Dane are the best fury babies anyone could ever ask for!