What’s my specialty?

I get asked this a lot, and while my go to answer is weddings + family the real truth is it’s candid moments. The ones no one knows I’m even capturing. The moments that have so much meaning, so much passion, so much love. The real moments that just come naturally and the ones you’ll remember when thinking back on your wedding day, or when your kid had their first trip to the beach, or even remembering when your child was nothing but a baby bump. They aren’t always the “perfect” photo. Sometimes there will be a mimosa hiding behind you on your wedding day, or your kids clothes are soaked because they wanted to play in the ocean at the beach (weird, right?) but the smiles and laughter in the photos will be real… That’s my specialty. Candid reality.


Chelsea Brown is a professional photographer taking a photograph of a married couple in Florida


I am Chelsea Brown, owner and main photographer for DTCB Photography! I am honored you have landed on my page and look forward to helping you capture some wonderful memories through photos! Feel free to jump around the page and don't hesitate to send me any questions you may have. Click below to inquire!

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"I knew from the beginning, I liked your style, you have such an intrinsic ability for your art. You were certainly the best we could have ever wanted for such a joyous day."

Milo Zapata - groom
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