I am so glad you are taking the time to review my site and inquire about some information for your big day! First, I would like you to know a little about me, my history, and my huge passion and love for all things photography!

I live in sunny Florida with my husband, sweet baby girl Abigial and our three dogs. I love my life here in the sunshine state! I love punk rock, hockey, cute coffee shops, and everything halloween (it's my birthday)! I am a beach bum at heart even though I am Canadian. I enjoy my evening glasses of Snoop Dogg wine and exploring everything that is my home St. Pete!

I graduated from UF with a bachelor's degree in Film Production and began my quest to be an entrepreneur shortly after I got my degree. I started doing freelance video work but my eye always came back to the stills on the computer screen. I slowly switched over to pursuing my love for photography and capturing life's most tender moments to cherish forever. Now I have been shooting professionally for 10 years! Wow how time flies.

Most people consider me a people-person. I have been in some sort of hospitality industry the majority of my life and get along with all personality types. I have a carefree hippie type of personality myself and do my best in life to make sure everyone is happy! Whether you are booking for an intimate lifestyle session or a big wedding day I will work my talent around making sure you have the best experience by hiring my services for such an important time in your life.

Should you have any questions about myself personally please don't hesitate to ask! I want you to get to know me, as much as I want to get to know you and your love story and I don't want you to think of your photographer as just another business transaction.​

Let's be friends!!

Chelsea Brown, a professional photographer, holding a Canon camera while walking on rocks near St. Pete Beach.