"S0 how much is this going to cost me?"

Every wedding is different, and with that so is everyone's budget. I know diving into a very large investment can be nerve wracking! This is why I am taking the time to answer some questions, as well as give you an idea of how involved I will be in your entire wedding planning process. Take some time to review the information directly below before scrolling down to my package options. Every package below is customizable and I will make sure your day is outlines and captured the best way fit!

The Experience

I will be as involved in your wedding planning as much as you will let me. From our initial email communication I want you to know I am here to help (and I will probably say to a million times) and I mean it! I absolutely love weddings and everything involved and have been a part of over 100 weddings now, big and small. This is my full-time career so I am easy to reach any time to answer any question. Even if it is not photography related I can help with any planning questions you may have. During the actual wedding day I will double up as not only your photographer but I will be your personal helper, hype woman, day of coordinator if you need it, and anything else.

Let's be friends!

I want us to connect. I want to feel like you made the right decision and that we vibe, just as much as I want you to love my work. Being full-time and established I don't take on any and every wedding inquiry that comes my way. I am not looking for another paycheck, I am looking for like-minded individuals who are absolutely obsessed with my work. I want you to enjoy my style of professionalism (which is VERY laid back) and feel confident trusting me to capture one of your most important days! My goal is to make a strong connection with my clients!

How pricing works

My pricing is based on my experience, equipment, dedication to my craft, and time invested in your big day. I have been doing weddings for 8 years and have shot every kind of celebration from backyard bashes to elaborate 2 day church weddings. My experience and portfolio will give you comfort in knowing you have invested your money in someone who not only has experience, but loves what they do. My pricing is based on my ability to make a living out of investing all my time in my clients needs and having strong communication.

Why pick me?

I am sure you are looking at tons of other photographers websites (I hope you are, this is a big decision) and thinking why pick me? I want you to pick me if my style is your vibe. If you want to enjoy your wedding day and not be pulled away constantly for photos, if you want someone to capture the sweet candid moments during your day, and if you are looking for someone who will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and who is also down to have fun! It is YOUR day, if you want to frolic in the woods (see above photo) let's do it! If you want to slip away to the local arcade for some alone time I will be there to capture it. Heck, if you want to jump in the pool (putting this out there because I have always wanted it to happen LOL) LET'S DO IT!!!!

Pricing Guide

Simple & Sweet

-Unlimited photo capturing for 4 hours.
- Planning assistance - Including photo timeline help.
-200+ professionally edited photos on a custom online viewing gallery with unlimited downloads.
- 2 weeks turn around.


Half Day

-Unlimited photo capturing for 6 hours.
- Planning assistance - Including photo timeline help.
-50% off engagement shoot
-300+ professionally edited photos on a custom online viewing gallery with unlimited downloads.
-2 weeks turn around.


Full Day

-Unlimited photos capturing for 8 hours.
-Planning assistance - Including photo timeline help.
-FREE engagement shoot
-400+ professionally edited photos on a custom online viewing gallery with unlimited downloads.
- 3 week turn around




“Our wedding day is memorable on its own, but Chelsea captured such beautiful moments, both candid and posed, that had me going through the photos over and over just to relive that day. The framing and editing of photos is so aesthetic that one of our guests commented that the photos look like they were out of a magazine. Not only are the photos amazing, but Chelsea herself was such a breeze to work with: she was efficient, task-oriented, but also a lot of fun and made us both feel super comfortable."”

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