Here are a few of my favorite shots over the years.

I believe in capturing love in all its purest forms - no awkward poses and forced smiles here! I'm here to tell a story of two people who fell in love and knew they wanted this for the rest of their lives, I'm talking about those uncontrollable laughs knowing you're about to get married! Even those few happy tears while saying your vows. It's these moments and emotions that will take you right back to the sweet story of your love each and every day!

A newly married couple kissing in front of a horse-drawn carriage.
A bride and groom resting their heads against each other and smiling.
A newly married couple kissing and showing off their ring fingers. Standing in front of a staircase.
A bride in her white wedding dress holding an orange and red bouquet in the bridal suite in Tampa.
A groom and the best man staring at each other in jest at the wedding in Clearwater.
A groom twirling his bride on the sidewalk outside during cocktail hour.
A soon-to-be groom kissing his fiancée on a sidewalk in front of a popular plaza in Miami.
A bride and groom doing their first dance at their reception, looking adoringly at each other in front of a brick mantle
A newly married couple looking at each other in front of a lake on the grass.
A groom smiling at his bride at their wedding in Bradenton
A groom and bride kissing in front of a fireplace mantle